Cancionero – Preliminary Timeline

ContentCopyrightsStructureForward Movement
June 2019June 1: Press release posted: Request for new content

Identify needs: Copyright, bilingual, word changes, etc.

Pare down song number to 300

Identify needs: Copyright, bilingual songs
Initial copyright meeting: Should include Richelle, Kathy Jose, Hugo, 815 lawyer, Mariana (maybe Benjamin)

Develop standard ask
Determine structure of songbook

Determine what other needs for copyright permissions: projection, ebook, chords, etc.

Develop draft of internal layout

determine all elements to include with each song.
Develop draft of internal layout (in consultation with Structure)
July 2019Deadline for new songs

Determine final song count

Begin process of seeking permissionsApprove an internal layout

Identify and assign front and back matter content
Available as needed
August 2019 August 15: Make final song selections, including new content

Develop English translations as needed/possible
August 15: Release for use of original content--need signed agreements from all usersAvailable as needed
September 2019September 10: Complete translationsSeptember 10: Review copyright permissionsSeptember 10: Put songs in order/ categoriesAvailable as needed
October 2019October 10: Build index: Authors, composers, etc.October 10: Review copyright permissions: Decide whether to include certain songs

Build index: copyright
October 10: Complete list of songs in order by section. Available as needed
November 2019Work with FM to identify two outside proofreaders (bilingual and with musical experience. Should not be on committee)November 1: Final manuscript to Forward Movement
December 2019
January 2020Begin website construction: YouTube links, additional resources. Design/typesetting.

January 5: First draft sent to committee for review
January 20: All feedback received, FM works on subsequent drafts
February 2020
March 2020 Add chords to manuscript for musician's editionCopy-editing/updating drafts.

March 1: Final manuscript sent to proofreaders

March 20: Send to printer

Begin work on musician's edition

Develop marketing collateral/plan
April 2020 April 15: First draft of musician's edition ready for review
May 2020May 1: BOOK LAUNCH

Musician's edition launched: Date TBA